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On Some Words Which Misindetified in "Derleme Sözlüğü"
Derleme Sözlüğü is the most comprehensive and the most important work in the field of Turkey Turkish dialects vocabulary. But when it comes to lexicography principles, there are some mistakes in this important study. One of the important mistakes seen in the Derleme Sözlüğü is the definition mistakes. Many words in the Dictionary are incorrectly defined. It is seen that the definitions in some items are insufficient, many items are explained with a very general expression, and in some items there is ambiguity. The most important reason for misidentification is that compilers are not experts. Compilers tried to interpret the words that they did not know in context, and made false meanings in the texts they compiled. The sentences given to testify the articles clearly show that some words are misidentified. Different variants of the word also play an important role in detecting misidentifications. There are many misidentified items in the Dictionary, since those who prepared the Derleme Sözlüğü did not pay enough attention to the witness sentences and could not identify different variants of the words.It is a must to reorganize the Derleme Sözlüğü which is the most important work in the field of dialect research.

lexicography, Derleme Sözlüğü, definition mistakes.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 74. sayı yayınlandı

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