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The Word Frequency of the Learning Outcomes in the Turkish Language Curricula (2005 and 2019)
The aim of this study is to determine the word number and frequency of the acquisitions in the Turkish lesson curricula (2005 and 2019) and to reveal the codes that form the background of the curriculum acquisitions. For this purpose, the aforementioned curricula were examined in terms of the words in the acquisitions and the words were classified by counting them in a way to include word groups. Certain criteria were taken into account in the counting of the words in the acquisitions, and the words transferred to the computer environment were counted within themselves considering their language skills. Explanations under the acquisition were not included in the count. In this study, which aims to clarify the language of the curriculum, not only the total and different words in the acquisitions were not determined, but also the classification was made under many topics, from words that reveal the relationship between language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) to text analysis and words related to technology use. In the qualitative study, the document analysis method was used. Word frequency analyzes were used in word counting. In the study, the research questions were answered and it was revealed that the words that shape the acquisitions can be classified under different headings. In consequence of the study, evaluations were made about what the language of the curriculum means; some suggestions were presented that could be used by those working in the field, institutions and researchers.

language skills, acquisition, word, word frequency, Turkish lesson curriculum.

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