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Aberrations from Standard Language on Moralızade Vassaf Kadri’s Novel Named Çarşamba Karısı
The strict control, or in other words, censorship, applied over the periodical and printing press activities during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamit II, paved the way for poets and writers to turn to their inner worlds and produce works by putting art into the service of art itself. Numerous works in the genre of novel in Turkish Literature of the Second Constitutional Period, which is accepted to have started with the proclamation of the Second Constitutional Monarchy, reveal the richness of Turkish culture and literature in terms of the increase and diversification of the subject variety and the language material it contains. The novel Çarşamba Karısı, written by Moralızade Vassaf Kadri, one of the writers of the Second Constitutional Era, also provides important data on language studies. In the novel, slang words are frequently used. Local sayings and dialect words, some of which are not included in the Derleme Sözlüğü, are frequently used. In the Çarşamba Karısı, there are various examples of aberrations from the standard language, such as the accumulation of affixes, the removal of affixes, the addition of morphemes to stereotyped language items, and language use in the dimension of politeness. In this study, together with the biography of Moralızade Vassaf Kadri, his novel named Çarşamba Karısı will be briefly mentioned and examples of deviations from the standard language used by the author in his work will be presented.

Vassaf Kadri, Çarşamba Karısı, standard language, slang.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 72. sayı yayınlandı

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