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Çağdaş Dünyadaki İnsani Sorunlar Karşısında Liberalizmin İflası
The purpose of this article is to analyse the failure of liberalism in its global applications from a humanitarian perspective. One of the main points in the political analysis focused on liberalism after the collapse of USSR and the end of the Cold War is that liberalism is a triumphant ideology. Another point that stands out in the political analysis on this issue is that a global system dominated by liberalism will be more peaceful. Despite this claim, the main issues in the international system dominated by liberal countries since the 90s reveal a completely opposite picture. Liberal interventionism in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, the prolonged fatal unresponsiveness to the genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda and to the events in Palestine, and the policies of the Western liberal countries with a colonial past to maintain these habits in a different form have caused disappointment in the hope of a liberal victory at the global level. All these show that liberalism is not an absolute victorious ideology, but an ideology that has failed in its global applications. Liberalism has actually failed in a world where basic humanitarian principles are frequently sacrificed for economic interests.

Keywords: The failure of liberalism; Liberal interventionism; New world order; Post-cold war era; ne

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