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The “Substance of Content” in Literary Texts
The meaning center of literary texts, which is a sign and/or a set of signs, is the substance of the content. This substance, which is created with almost every element of culture, carries the meaning of literary texts. Researchers who want to make sense of these texts try to reach the substance of the content with methods such as semantics and semiotics. In addition to these researches in the focus of analysis, the structure presented by substance of content in the production process of literary texts is also very important. The structure that initiates the production of literary texts is the substance of the content. According to our surveys, it is observed that there are very few studies that reveal a structure related to the substance of the content, and the literature needs new studies in this sense. Within the scope of the study, the necessity in the literature was taken into account. The substance of the content, which represents the semantic universe of literary texts, was approached with a structuralist approach and it was aimed to reveal this structure visually. The constituent element that creates this structure, that is, the substance of the content, is the seme. In the study, the conceptual and relational aspects of the concepts related to the substance of the content such as semes, the theme produced by semes, sememe, isotopy, semic molecule (isotopic bundle) are discussed. These terms are located in their respective places in the proposed diagram. Although it is difficult to limit the most abstract and deep structure such as the substance of the content and to extract its structure completely, an attempt has been made with the produced graph. An example has been represented for new studies to be done.

Keywords: Substance of Content, Seme, Theme, Isotopy.

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