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An Application in Banking Industry on the Impacts of Fast Knowledge Change over the Manager’s/Leader’s Decision-Making Process
Accelerating changes in knowledge made the leaders’ decisions vital for the success and sustainable competitive edge of organizations. Maintaining the competitive edge requires innovative and knowledge-based decision making. Technological developments, globalization, and rapidly changing knowledge compel the managers to make decisions in an uncertain environment. Consequently, the importance of the role of the leaders in decision-making act escalates, while the control of the leaders over the decision-making process gets harder and the participation of employees becomes more critical. Based on the relevant literature, this paper examines the direction of the impacts of innovation and knowledge on decision making acts of the leaders with the authoritarian, democratic and free-rider leadership styles. The data were obtained from184 leaders/managers working in the banking industry by means of questionnaire technique. In this context, the variables related to leadership styles and knowledge, innovation, and decision-making have been evaluated statistically.<

Knowledge, Change, Leader, Decision-making

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