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An Evaluation of Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa, One of the Last Grand Viziers (1855-1923)
In this article, firstly, some information about the life of Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha will be given. Then, some information about the missions he completed during the time he was known in Istanbul and after taking mecidî nişânı from the first degree in 1896 and being assigned to governor of Adana, will be given. Also, some information about how his duty of governing which lasted nine months ended when he took Mersin consul of Austria out of country. Then, the issue of Macedonia and Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha’s being assigned to Rumelian Inspector will be discussed. The information about Hilmi Pasha who was the sadrazam during 31th of March can be gathered from the documents which take place in Ottoman archives of Yıldız Esas, Yıldız Perâkende, Sadâret Hususî Mârûzat, Ali Fuat Tükgeldi and İrâde-i Hâriciye Evrâkları. With respect to these documents, an evaluation will be made by taking Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha’s first and second sadârets, people took place in the cabinet during this period, dispersion of the ministries and attacks of Vienna into consideration.<

Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha, Macedonia, Rumelian Inspector, Sadâret.

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