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Sociological Analysis of the Demographic Structure of Samsun-Canik
Samsun is located within the Central Black Sea Region. It takes place between Yeşilırmak and Kızılırmak deltas. Samsun province is one of the most important settlement of the region not only geographically, but also historically and socially. Furthermore, Samsun also has a very special place within the Turkish national history. It symbolizes the beginning of the Turkish Independence Movement. Canik is one of the most populous and the most important districts of the Samsun province. According to the Official data of TSI, Canik has a population of 95.560 people within the year of the 2014. The size of the female population is 47.269 people. The remaining 48.291 are male. The age groups of the 15-19 and 30-34 constitute the largest age group within in the population of Canik. It has crucial importance to know the demographic structure of society in order to better understanding the social structure of the society and to take better decisions in the future. In light of this determination, it was aimed to analyse demographic structure of Canik within this paper. A sociological perspective was used to realise the aim. Official data of TSI were used as the main data source. In addition to that, the archives, records, and data sets of the other institutions were used in the paper. The secondary data analysis and the archive research techniques were applied for the analysis. <

Samsun, Canik, Demographic Structure of Canik, Sociological Analysis of the Demographic Structure of

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