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Becoming a Patriot in Trabzon: Comparative Analysis of Local, Regional and National Dimensions
The main objective of this study is to investigate patriotism with the mainstream approach, to reveal the difference between nationalism and patriotism local and to analyze what is understood from patriotism in Turkey at local, regional and national level. The focus of the study is Black Sea Region in Turkey and Trabzon in the region. In this context, in order to reach the relevant objectives, 1622 people in Trabzon mostly consist of students of Karadeniz Technical University in 2016. The achieved data were analyzed separately in nine categories. These categories are the categories that associate patriotism respectively with country-patria, local-patria, nitaonalism and religiousness, statism, altruism, economic/financial status, bond of citizenship, pluralism and multiculturalism and at last with soccer. Each category was considered as a scale in itself and a ranking was made between them by given a score to the regions. It is determined both in level of each propositions and level of categories that Karadeniz Region and Trabzon have a more enthusiastic patriotism compared to the general of the Turkey. However, it is understood that the local and regional patriotism of the Black Sea Region and Trabzon is significantly a local-patriotism, statist, nationalist, religious and soccer-teamist in context of sport.

Patriotism, Nationalism, Turkey, Karadeniz Region, Trabzon_

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