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Murâbaha Practices as a Financing Element in the Case of Trabzon (1680-1700)
Economy in the relationships between people can be described as one of the main determining elements. We can name this element called economy as the whole of the different relationships that people in the society apply in order to meet their basic needs. In economic relations, we see money as the most important factor in mutual exchange and shopping transactions. Money, which has been considered as the fundamental element of the economy since the time it was invented, could also take place in people’s lives as a mutual debt instrument from time to time. In this study, we will try to examine the economic borrowing called the murabaha system which was applied in the borrowing situations in Trabzon between 1680-1700. In our study, we will explain with examples how the money that wealthy people give to other people who are in need in return for a certain percentage of profit is managed. In this process, the examples of the operation of cash, which is included in some foundations, with this method and of spending this for the foundation expenses will also be indicated in detail. In this study that we will perform, some of the prominent persons of the period in the murabaha system will also be discussed. The effect of the murabaha practice on the economic reflection of the long-lasting wars on the region in this period will also be submitted. The main source of our study is Trabzon Sharia Records which contain court records kept in this period.

Debt, Murabaha, War, Trabzon, Foundation.

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