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Believes and Costumes Concerning Sacred Places in the Şebinkarahisar District
İn this article, first briefly historical development of Sebinkarahisar, a district in central part of Turkey, and the phenomena of visitation are emphasized. Then Holy places in the central part of Sebinkarahisar and in villages around Sebinkarahisar and various beliefs and practices related to them are given. At the end of the study was a general assessment of places to visit. İn the area are used consepts such as father ( elder of religious order), grandfather (a senior derwish), Shaikh, Eren ( Saint), Muslim Saint, tomb for the holy places. People shelter these places owing to the spritual and material siclenesses and some other wishes as a last remedy. So people believes to have a direct connection with the sacred in the visited places. <

Sebinkarahisar, visiting places, vow, phenomena of visitation, tomb

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