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Sociological Analysis of the Political Structure of Üsküdar According to Local Elections
Üsküdar, with a rooted history is one of the most important districts of İstanbul. Üsküdar was a province until 1926. It was became a district of İstanbul. It is located in the southeast of Istanbul Bosphorus coast. According to the 2014 data of TSI, it has approximately 535.000 population. It was aimed to analyse the political structure of Üsküdar by using methods and techniques of political Sociology. The results of the local elections were used to realise the aim. In the other words the formation of political power in Üsküdar and the overall operation and changing regularities were investigated. The evaluation of socio-political structure of Üsküdar in relation with the political structure of the Turkish society from the early 1960’s up to the present time was researched in this paper. The results of the Turkish local elections and general election in last 50 years were examined to realise the aims by using a structural-functionalist approach. According to the findings, there is an overwhelming superiority of the right wing across the Üsküdar. Although some seasonal differences in the proportional sense from past to present, the right political culture has been more effective in the political structure of the province. <

Üsküdar, Political Structure of Üsküdar, İstanbul, Local Elections, Political Structure of Üsküdar o

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