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Kınburn, Rıver of Ocakov And Odessa Combat in Turco- Russıan War of 1787-1792
After Turco- Russian wars of 1768-1774, Crimea gained so-called independence from the Ottoman Empire. Because of a revolt that broke out in Crimea, Russia militarily intervened in 1782, then invaded the peninsula in 1783. The Ottoman Empire began military preparations to retrieve the first loss of Muslim territory, Crimea, and declared war on Russia. Kinburn Fortress given to Russia with the Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarja 1774, was located right across Ocakov Fortress which belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman forces, first, planned to retrieve this fortress from Russia to provide the security in western Crimea, then start a military operation to Crimea in this direction. To this end an assault was made to Kinburn Peninsula, a close combat took place, but Ottoman forces could not capture the fortress because of the strong defence. This unsuccesful assault cost the Ottoman Empire a lot and Russia, strenthened by the situation, captured the Ocakov Fortress in a short time. These incidents, changed the course of war to the disadvantage of the Ottoman Empire. on the other hand violent clashes took place in Odessa, ochakov River and eastern Black Sea. The Ottoman Empire unable to achieve success had to end the war, which it ventured in order to reclaim Crimea, with Iaşi Treaty <

Kinburn, Ottoman, Russian, Ocakov, Suvarov, Odessa

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