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There are hundreds of indicators of cultural values. One of the outstanding of those is clothes. The features affecting clothes formed by a culture are also reflection of life styles, beliefs and geography of that society at the same time. As geographical regions they live in, beliefs, life styles, traditions and customs, economic situations of nations and human communities throughout the history differ from, their forms of clothes also vary from. Differences in clothes changing from regions, districts, villages and even neighborhoods have been observed in Turkey. One of the most significant elements that Turkish women used in clothes have become the headdresses they use. Headdresses have become one of the most important components in clothing of Turkish women. Women headdresses vary and still continue its existence from past to present protecting its traditionalism within cultural structure even though those undergone some changes in time. Even women’ headdresses and head scarfs lost their usage density in our day; it is observed that they continue their existence in some of our regions. The purpose of the research is reporting and documentation in the quality of archive of Hemşin way of head scarfing still used in the province of Rize by documenting its materials, model, techniques, color and local colors of it. Reporting of head scarfing method still used has a place in for the future generations in terms of document creating and introducing and protecting traditional values. Documentary scanning was selected as method in the research. Written and pressed sources related to the issue were investigated. Furthermore, the field was gone and the visuals regarding the issue were determined and Hemşin region method of head scarfing was analyzed. The materials used and the features of orientations in the materials were tried to be revealed. <

Hemşin, Head scarfing, Şay scarfing, Şar scarfing, Puşi scarfing.

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