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Throughout the history, to live within a variety of states, communities, traditions and religions has caused people to develop distinct education systems. Therefore, the historical process of the Turkish and Bulgarian education systems, the structural characteristics of these education systems, enrollment systems, education finance, allocation of personnel and resources were scrutinized. The importance of the budgets allocated to education and the investments made into education to increase the quality of education in Turkey and Bulgaria is great. When the levels of income and education in both countries are evaluated in terms of efficiency, they remain below the OECD countries averages. While 3.8 % of the public expenditures are allocated to education by Turkey, this rate is 9.6 % in Bulgaria. There are similarities and differences when the general education systems of Turkey and Bulgaria are compared. To determine and scrutinize these similarities and differences is highly important in giving prominence to their positive aspects and in developing education systems especially in terms of enrollment. The constantly increasing tendency to globalization worldwide converges both communities and in this context, education systems and entails their more detailed examination from certain points. <

Education System, Education, Comparative Study, Enrollment, Education Funding

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 74. sayı yayınlandı

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