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Russia significantly recovered itself from the collapse of the bipolar world in as little as 15 years. Though not like in the past, it started to increase political and economic activity especially in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the post-Soviet geography. And specifically in post-Soviet geography it became more influential. Although Russia retreated after invading Georgia in 8 days of 2008, it annexed Crimea in geopolitical battle with the Western world. It backed Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine and de-facto separated this region from Ukraine. Despite reacting politically and economically to Russia, the Western world did not intervene militarily. The West have undertaken mediation missions at various levels for the resolution of the Ukrainian problem, but it have not reached lasting results yet. The Ukrainian crisis shows how serious the problems between the Western world and Russia have become, Ukraine, which is in quest for democracy, in fact, has got stuck between the West and Russia, and have not been able to realize its political choice. This article assesses, in general terms, a geopolitical battle between the West and Russia on Ukraine that is torn between the two powers. <

Ukraine, Russia, the West, democracy, geopolitics, security

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