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New Expansions on Turkish Foreign Policy After The Coup of 27th May: Relations with Middle East and Soviet's Union
It is easy to observe some breakpoints on Turkish foreign policy during Republic era. One of this breakpoints had been occured in context of Cyprus Question in the mid 1960’s and a remarkable change is been observed in Turkish policy compared to the previous period. This study will examine the transition of Turkish foreign policy and it’s affects on Turkey-Middle East and Turkey-Soviet’s Union relations. The Detention of the relation between Western and Eastern Blocks were directly influenced the Turkey. Also internal political developments and foreign policy implementations which were largely criticized on public opinion, were the signal of the policy change. Turkey, had joined Western Block unconditionally until 1962, also needed to improve relations with Eastern Block and Middle East countries in the framework of its new policy concept after that date. <

Foreign Policy, Soviet’s Union, Middle East, International Relations

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