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Democrat Party Kocaeli Deputy Cemal Tüzün (1954-1961)
Cemal Tüzün was a deputy who were engineers of Democrat party and before he became a deputy, he worked in as an engineering. He was elected as deputy of Kocaeli in 1954’s Deputy General Elections. He devoted himself to his country and state services until the beginning of political life. Cemal Tüzün, who entered active politics with the establishment of the DP in 1946, he was the DP Kocaeli Provincial Presidency from 1950 to 1954 and he continued its election activities intensively. Tüzün, who is one of the deputies of the 10th and 11th semesters,he served in committees and commissions in Parliament as a Kocaeli deputy. This person, who is not on duty at the Ministry level, He was known for his impressive speeches in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. He was arrested on May 27, 1960 with a coup and he was tried with death penalty in Yassıada. His lawyer was Yusuf Ziya Kant, but except this he also sent his defense in writing to the court. Then, He was sentenced to life imprisonment by court and he was sent to the Kayseri Penitentiary.Cemal Tüzün was forgiven for being ill and released from the prison. He died in 1970 after leaving the prison. Basically, the purpose of our work which prepared in line with the Prime Ministry Republican Archives, Yassıada Court Minutes, local and national press information, To inform the world of science about his court process.

Cemal Tüzün, Kocaeli Yassıada Courts

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