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The Case Category and About Its Functions In Georgian Language
Case endings in Georgian language have also second and third functions together with its basic functions. There have not been yet enough academic researches about the most basic issues of grammar of Georgian language which is one of the agglutinative languages and most commonly spoken among Iberian-Caucasian languages. From this perspective, case category which is constitute the stracture of Georgian syntax in terms of its functions in a sentence is one of the most important issues to research primarly. There has not been an agreement about case category in Georgian language between Georgian linguists since oldest periods. The reason of continuing the discussions about this issue is shown as it has not been described the case category firmly and determinedits boundary in Georgian linguistic studies. In this study it will be dealt with historical improvement of Georgian case category, current discussions, its semantic and functional missions.

Georgian language, Iberian-Caucasian languages, Georgian case category Functional missions, Argument

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