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Tozkoparan Prehistorik Yerleşimi (Ünye-Ordu-Türkiye)
At Tozkoparan in the district of Unye in Ordu, a settlement has been discovered with finds dating to the Palaeolithic, Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. Since there are no other prehistoric settlements on the northeastern coast of Turkey, the Tozkoparan settlement is an important site and serves as an example for prehistoric habitation on the southeast Black Sea coast. The settlement is on the highway in a region close to the Black Sea coast. The valley where the settlement was located in prehistoric times should be at the sea shore. In 1945, Kokten carried out researches in the valley of Cevizderesi where the settlement was located. As a result of Kokten's researches, the presence of Palaeolithic tools was found in the area. In the settlements we have found sherds dating to the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age as well as the Palaeolithic flint tools. For this reason, it appears that the settlement has been ruled over a long period of time. The area on which the settlement is located also has a monumental rock tomb dating to the Hellenistic / Roman period. Prehistoric settlements are unknown on the northeast coast of Turkey, south of the Black Sea. This area is covered with dense vegetation. Due to the geographical situation of the region, prehistoric period researches are very few. The settlement is in danger because it is located at the raw material purchasing area of Unye Cement Factory. For this reason, the position, importance and prehistoric materials of the settlement are evaluated in this article.

Palaeolithic, Chalcolithic Age, Early Bronze Age, Black Sea, Unye, Turkey

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