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A Crimean Khan Strangulated in the Ottoman Palace: Inayet Girai Khan
Having been appointed by the Ottoman Sultan Murat IV as the khan of Crimea, Inayet Girai Khan ruled over the khanete throne for over two years in 1635-1637. Many significant events occurred during his reign, which was very short. Renouncing his commitments to the Ottoman Sultan, Inayet Girai Khan started to carry out an independent policy. In this direction, he attacked Kaffa, Which was located within Ottoman territory, in order to grasp the whole Crimea control; and he captured this land even for a very short period of time. He then attacked Kantemir Mirza who was the beg of Mansuroglu clan of Nogays settled in Budjak region which was under his rule. Being pardoned by Murat IV for these actions, Inayet Girai Khan in order to ask the Sultan's forgiveness went to Istanbul and in presence of the Sultan, he was found guilty and strangulated. This study aims to shed light on the reign of Inayet Girai Khan and to show how the relations between the Ottoman State and the Khanete of Crimea were shaped and to explain the effectiveness of the clan aristocracy which had great weight on the administration of the Khanate of Crimea.

Inayet Girai Khan, Kantemir Mirza, Murat IV, Kaffa, Budjak.

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