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Contributions to the Dictionary of Gleanings from the Gümüşhane Region
The Turkish language has a large share of studies on the language characteristics of the dialects and in the evaluation of word structures. Thanks to compilation studies, many local treasures, which are about to disappear, have come to light. Leaded by the Turkish Dialect Society which was established in 1932 "The Journal of Public Opinion Compilation in Turkey" was unearthed. More than 150 words were compiled in this magazine and published between 1939 and 1949. Following this, the Turkish Language Institute continued to work on the compilation and, in 1952, 450 thousand words were compiled as a result of the journey. The institution merged the old and new materials, and between 1963 and 1979 the "Dictionary of Compilation" was introduced. This dictionary is the most basic work that reveals the existence of the Turkic dialects of Turkey today. Especially if we assume that the dialects are unresistant to time and space, the Dictionary of the Compilation will also be enriched as the works on the dialects continue to increase. In this study, local words living in the villages of the Gumushane province and its surroundings which are the important Turkish homeland of the Black Sea will be tried to be revealed. From the materials obtained as a result of the collections made by the people who protect the dialects properties, words which are not in the Compilation Glossary or Despite being in the Compilation Dictionary, words that have different meanings will be tried to be brought out to the surface. These words will be handled under separate headings according to their genres and will be given with their meanings. The main aim of this study is to contribute to the Compilation Dictionary prepared by the Turkish Language Association. When this additive is made, in the conclusion section, some examples are given from the features of sound and shape information reached in the region.

Gumushane, Gumushane Dialects, Compilation Dictionary, Turkish Dialects, Dialects

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