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Rize Castle
Rize Castle that was built on a bay and the hill behind this bay was included in the borders of the Ottoman Empire by Mehmed the Conqueror’s conquest of Trabzon in 1461. Following the conquest, people were settled in the castle after the area was registered and the castle was strengthened militarily. Rize castle regarded as less important among the Sanjaks of Trabzon and Gönye reached a crucial position after the attacks of Georgians and Abkhazians who came especially from Georgia and carried out banditry activities in the Black Sea region. In this study, the position and importance of Rize Castle will be emphasized and information will be given about repairs to which the castle was exposed and ammunition dispatched to the castle. In addition, evaluations will be made about dizdar and other officials of the castle.

Ottoman Empire, Rize, Blacksea, Castle.

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