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Hopa’s Poet Jacketed Child Kazım Koyuncu and BlackSea Rock
Culture is a conception which is a pretty difficult to describe. Only studies on the definition of the concept have an extremely broad literature. Culture has emerged in the context of people's social relations. One of the important components of the culture is music. On the environment which is determined by the social relations, to the extent that the culture changes and transforms the music is directly influenced by these changes and transformations. Tracking the stages of music in order to follow a change in a region will provide us with important clues to the process, although it will not fully explain it to us. Hopa is the tip of the north in turkey. It hosts different ethnic groups. Autochthonous communities spreading in Eastern Blacksea as Lazs, Hamshenis, Georgians, Poşas, Loms have been for many years in Hopa, one of the most important centers of the region. While this coexistence experience is nourished by tensions, it causes for a important wealthiness in  cultural area. In the study specially, moving from Kazim Koyuncu, the intensity of Laz culture was given.. But it is useful to say that in that area it can’t be mentioned in a pure culture. When the people of that region, which have different cultural factors, come together in the county town, it is very hard to see the differences for a foreigner. In Hopa as the whole Eastern Blacksea, the music is a specific activity that all people from every age touch. We will mention in music we see that different ethnic identities use as a self expression, different from the traditional form. However, in the area of popular music, Eastern Black Sea is also a rich field to be a major work topic. It is essential to say that as a field of struggle the popular music responds to each stage of hegemony from Eastern Blacksea.

Rock, Blacksea, Hopa, Zuğaşi Berepe, Kazım Koyuncu

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