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Russian-Ukraine Conflict from Crimean Problem to Donbas War
Ukraine lands which have been at the forefront of the most important geographies of Eurasia with its strategic and geopolitical importance throughout the history, have witnessed the protest for ‘Europeanship’ which started together with the Orange Revolution and the Maydan events which are the most critical turning points of its own history. One of the biggest problems of this process was the intervention of Russia to Crimea and the factors behind this development have been discussed in this research. When the current cases which turned into an international crises together with the military support provided to the pro-Russia separatists in Donbas conflicts and the annexation of Crimea by Russia are considered, it is possible to see the chaotic dimension more strongly. However, it is necessary not to ignore the fact that the tensions in the Moscow-Kiev line began with the disintegration of the USSR and the subsequent decision of independence of the Ukrainian Parliament on 24 August 1991. It is important to reveal the urgency of questioning the concept of ‘‘Law and Sovereignty’’, the annexation of Crimea by Russia, its failure to fulfill at least four separate obligations, and the fact that Western powers are only in partial economic sanctions. To have Ukraine deliver its nuclear weapons and derivatives by relying on the principle of law and morality for securing sovereignty and to lose its lands for being defenseless is a timely near time due to the questioning of the concepts of ‘‘Power and Law’’. Purpose of the research is to explain the invasion of Ukraine land in contrary form and in accordance with the obligations of international treaties that Russia is party to, the background of the violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the factors leading the change in external policy of Russia which makes the threat vital with the expansion of NATO and the EU and finally the destructive effects of Ukraine becoming a global taciturn between Russia and the West and on a regional vicious circle between Russia and the EU.

Russia Ukrainian Conflict, Maydan Events, Crimean Problem, Donbas Conflict.

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