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The Very First Novel in Modern Gagauz Literature: “Uzun Kervan” (An Essay to Analyze)
Poet and author Dionis Tanasoğlu is considered as one of the founder of Modern Gagauz Literature and his novel titled “Uzun Kervan” is not only the very first novel published as a book in Gagauz but also it is a cult work nearly evolving as a “historical novel” due to its effort on telling all Gagauz history in one particular novel. Tanasoğlu shares his deep knowledge on history with his readers in a chronological order and wrote three separate chapters named as “Uzak Dedeler”, “Balkanlarda Yurtluk” and “Bucak Kırı” in his novel. In these chapters he mentioned the period from the first times of Gagauz’s existence in history to their settlement in the region of “Gagauzyeri” that became their permanent territory over time.It is clear that there is a functional aim in utilizing novel, a literary genre, as a tool for telling the history. Gagauzian, who see themselves as a part of Turkish world, unite with the Turkish history in the novel “Uzun Kervan”. This novel drew attention among Gagauz nation not just because of its historical mission but also of the language it is written. Uzun Kervan is written in Gagauz language and this is the second aspect which made this novel privileged. The aforementioned novel is worth analyzing and examining in terms of novel techniques as of its characteristics such as teller’s place in the novel, togetherness of the truth and the fiction and numerous subtexts added to the novel . In this study “Uzun Kervan” novel is analyzed and examined in terms of literary methods and techniques and additionally the novel is tried to be analyzed within the context of national identity building.

Modern Gagauz Literature, Dionis Tanasoğlu, Uzun Kervan, National Identity Building.

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