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Protagonist of Juliusz Słowacki “Kordian”
Juliusz Słowacki is considered as a master of drama in Polish literature. In his forty-year short life, he witnessed very important historical facts and reflected that to his poetic novels. His work “Kordian”, comprises three acts, has gained very important place in Polish romanticism literature. This poetic drama, in which real and supernatural events are intertwined, and the rule of three units is ignored, takes its name from hero Kordian. In the first act, Kordian's love story is told. He tries to commit suicide for his unrequited love, but he does not die. It is understood that he went to Europe in the second act. This trip is important, becasue he understands that nobody in Europe cares about the Poles living in captivity. After successive disappointments, he is transformed at the top of Mont Blanc and becomes a new Kordian. In Polish literature, as in many works of that period, Kordian is transformed into a hero who holds the independence of the nation above everything else. His war with the enemy will be his passion. The underlying reason is that the ideology of romanticism in Poland has a special purpose, such as preserving national values. The third act is the participation of Kordian in the organization of assassinations against the Tsar. In this study, Kordian's personality, transformation and war against the Russian Tsar will be examined within the framework of the characteristics of period literature. The meaning of kordian in Polish language as a word, the root in Latin language will be given.

Juliusz Słowacki, Kordian, Romanticism, Nation, Individualism.

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