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State of State Language in Kyrgyzstan in the 27th Anniversary of Independence
The article aims to draw attention to the current official language in Kyrgyzstan and the way of enhancing its functional role and balancing its position with all other languages, that are in relation to the official language, both within the country and those from outside within the context of country’s language policies. Kyrgyz language received the status of the state language after Kyrgyzstan gained independence in 1991. However, in 27 years of independence, it has not yet acquired the status of the state language in the full sense of the word, has not risen to the level of the language of politics, economics, technology, science and higher education on a national scale. The development of Kyrgyz as the state language, weakened by both internal factors, such as the lack of relevant social policies, and external factors, such as the different effects arising as a result of globalization. The report will identify the obstacles hindering the development of the state language, as well as to highlight some of the ideas attempting to strengthen internal language resources; with a view to find a solution which balances the need to unify a country with multiple ethnicities and solves the problems associated with a double official language.

Kyrgyz, Russian, state language, globalization, development, regulating, internal and external facto

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