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Black Sea Policy of USA and Turkey in the Context of December 2017 National Security Strategy Document
The term security derived from the Latin word “secura (se+cura)” and allegedly utilised by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) for the first time generally portends the abstention from threats and dangers. Security, which is one of the prominent objectives and duties of the state, has been expressed amid controversies as national-security since the structuring of the nation-state phenomenon. The United States of America (USA) which frames its national security through National Security Strategy Documents has shared its most recent paper with the public in December 2017. Even though the document did not explicitly cover the Black Sea and Turkey, it laid out strategic perspectives regarding Russia’s global challenge and revisionist attempts, nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, freedom of the seas, energy and economic security that deeply enamour the Black Sea. Against the backdrop of NATO and regional strategies as well as relations with Russia, the document perceived Turkey as one of the friendly and allied nations. In this regard, Turkey is a key ally for cooperation against threats and confrontations the US will face in its struggle for maintaining global leadership.

USA, Foreign Policy, National Security Strategy Document, Black Sea, Turkey.

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