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Missionary Schools and Activities in Turkey during the Turkish National Struggle
Education and teaching institutes have a great influence on the political, social, cultural and economic development and changing of a country. In points of this view, these institutions have been the most important means of missionary work. In this sense foreign schools in Turkey have been used as places where the Western mentality exists. In addition Turkey’s approach to these schools was very critical as they were effective on the collapse of Ottaman Empire. Turkey followed a nationalistic political line and reflected this behaviour to foreign schools. Existence of these schools was accepted providing that they were not contradictory to the benefits of Turkey. Also the activities of these schools were turned to be an advantage for Turkey. As a conclusion, it was seen that Turkey became determined against the missionary schools, applied her own policy and began to make her presence as a state. <

Missionary Activities, Missionary Schools, Turkish National Struggle, Turkey, American Board.

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