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Serial Verb Constructions and Turkish
Languages act as a mechanism of the relations of the internal elements that build up them and express their existence, concepts or movements of these entities. In other words, phonetics, morphology, lexicology or syntax move in a co-ordinated manner with the various associations to provide meaning. One of the structures that emerged as a result of the collaboration of grammar categories is the serial verb structures (SVC). Serial verb structures refer to actual structures in which more than one verb come together or a single verb implies a single event with a single view, including multiple movements mark a single event with a holistic look. Besides the structures which can be expressed in two verbs by a single verb in serial verb structures and which occur naturally but mark the single event, it is important to mark a single event with a syntactic combination of at least two verbs. In the early studies of the 19th century, it was seen that the serial verb structures, which were thought to be only in African languages, were in many languages around the world in scientific studies. There are a number of studies in Turkish about serial verb structures. In this study, the structure of SVCs in Turkish is examined synchronically and diachronically, based on the opinions in the studies about the serial verb structures. However, it is aimed to determine the characteristics of Turkish verb structures.

Turkish, Verb Serialization, Serial Verb Structures, Syntax.

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