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Süleyman Kazmaz's Opinions and Suggestions on Folk Culture
Due to various reasons, culture can change and develop over time. The most important task in determining these stages of development and change of culture is to scientists and researchers. Local researchers have also made significant contributions to folk culture studies. Due to the rather late start in the history of folklore studies in Turkey, while many folklore materials were waiting to be compiled, local researchers contributed to this process through their compilation and review studies. One of the researchers serving the Turkish culture is Süleyman Kazmaz. He has many important works on Turkish culture, especially Rize folk culture. Kazmaz began his studies of folklore under the influence of nationalist movements. The idea that having a strong culture is a means of continuing the existence of the nation and therefore giving importance to culture has directed him to serve the Turkish culture. In this article, the opinions and suggestions of Süleyman Kazmaz, who has important contributions to Turkish culture and especially to the Rize folk culture in this area, has been studied.

Süleyman Kazmaz, folk culture, folklore, Rize

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