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The Current of England-Russia Relationships on the Analyzes of Discussions with the United Kingdom and the Russia After Salisbury Case (Sergey Skripal)
This is a study by Yuliya Skripal, daughter of former member of the GRU, Sergei Skripal and her father, Sergei Skripal, visiting Russia from England to visit Salisbury, England, where he lives. The class nerve agent focuses on the analysis of the remarks and discourses used during the tension between Russia and the UK and in the international arena after the poisoning of the Novichok family by the neurotoxic A-234. In the study, with an interpretive methodology; Within the scope of the authorities of the Russian Federation (RF) state; the head of state, foreign minister, head of state consultant, state spokesperson, RF Ambassador to London and pro-Russian persons, organizations and, on the other, the authorities of the UK government; the prime minister, the foreign minister and pro-British people, organizations and finally a third discourse; is the discourse of the neutral. It is explored whether poisoning is essentially an attack, the claim of England as an attack, and the discourse of Russia, which is in the state of self-defense. The study determines these discourses and analyzes them as text and context. While all this is done, developments in the case are also reported in the process follow-up. This work; it aims to determine how this event affects the relations between Russia and Britain in political, social, diplomatic, educational, cultural and military dimensions. The economic relations that the event cannot affect are handled under a separate heading.

Sergey Skripal, Yuliya Skripal, Salisbury, Novichok, OPCW

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