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108 Number in the Old Uyghur Buddhist Texts
Numbers which measure the whole universe as mathematical value contain cultural and religious various meanings. In this context, 108 numbers in the samples such as rosary with 108 beads , the repetition of a dhāraṇī 108 times, or the repetition of the 108 name of Mañjuśri Buddha in the Old Uyghur, is also an important numerical value. Because the number 108 in Buddhism and other religions has a very important place. When the number of 108 in the Old Uyghur Turkish is examined, it is seen that this number represents three different creations. These; 1. Universe, 2. World, 3. Human. Firstly, in the creation of the universe, the distances between the sun, the earth and the moon are concerned. The second is the creation of the world, and it is linked to the golden ratio rule 108, an important rule in the world or in nature. Finally, the human body and spirit are associated with the number 108. The 108 pressure points in the human body and the distance between the body and the god are indicated by the number 108. Furthermore, the number 108, which has mathematical and astronomical value, is also related to astrology.

108 number, Buddhism, Old Uyghur, macrocosmology, microcosmology.

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