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Alkis (Blessing) in the Turkish Folk Songs of Black Sea Region
Alkıs (prayer) and kargıs (curse) are the components of the routines (speech acts, relational utterances) which are affected by the cultural background of a society which they have been used. The alkıs’ and kargıs’ have managed to survive with all the customs they reserved until today. Alkıs’ and kargıs’ are one of our verbal cultural elements which demonstrate the effects and the power of the language on humans by being used commonly as well as being supportive for the dynamics of social life. In the dictionaries, the word “alkıs” is defined as “a prayer, a blessing, a benediction, a glorification, a laudation, a praise and a dignification”. It is possible to find numerous examples for the verbal traditions from our folk songs. There are also lots of examples for alkıs and kargıs in the Turkish folk songs in general. Since the Black Sea region is a place where the tradition for singing “atma” has been still carried out, it reserves the examples for alkıs and kargıs in lots of Turkish folk songs. In this study, alkıs examples from Turkish folk songs of Black Sea region.

In The Turkish folk songs of Black Sea, alkıs, prayer.

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