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On Vocabulary Based on Taboo and Euphemism in Turkmen Turkish
The concept of “taboo” that has risen in the unknown period of history is used for words or expressions which are unspoken or forbidden because of various reasons. Euphemistic words used to express taboo words or statements are a significant language phenomenon in all languages. Taboos, taken a shape because of religious beliefs and fear, have been seen in many phases of social life from past to present. Because notions based on taboo formed around various beliefs and fears result in fear, antipathy, disgust, sorrow and shame among people, bad and adverse notions are expressed with pleasant and favourable words and statements. Within this context, euphemistic words provide more effective communication by covering adverse circumstances that people fear, shame, hate and detest during communication. In this study, vocabulary based on taboo and euphemism in Turkmen Turkish is collected and analysed under various subtitles by classifying by subject. Vocabularies based on taboo and euphemism are collected from vocabularies studied on Turkmen Turkish. References are indicated in the bibliography.

Türkmen Turkish, Taboo, Euphemism, Vocabulary

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