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The Importance of Macedonic Music and Tapani Orchestras in İzmir City Culture
The urban culture is the result of individuals and social groups that have to live in the same city by coming from different cultures, rights, responsibilities. Urban culture as an ability to live together with tolerance by adopting the etiquette and ethical behavior characteristics specific to the city, it enables individuals living in the same geography to understand each other better, thus merging. After the Balkans came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Anatolian and Balkan music influenced each other. As a result of this encounter, different types of music with different motifs fused and the so-called Tapani genre was born. In this study, which is based on literature review and field research, the place, importance, value, function and structure of Macedonian music in İzmir, urban culture are emphasized. The music and presentation of the tapani orchestras in the rituals such as engagement, henna, wedding, and circumcision have been presented with theoretical data and individual communication. All these data were taken into consideration in consideration of the value of İzmir in urban culture. The aim of this study is to reveal the concepts such as acculturation, acculturation, hybridization and mentality which are formed jointly by Macedonian music in urban culture.

Tapani Music, İzmir Urban Culture, Macedonian Music

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