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"DELLEK" Word on the Meaning Dimensions of Azerbaijan Turkish and the Provision in Anatolia
"Dellek" is used in many other ways as barber, circumcisionist, dentist and so on as well as male maid who wash and mash male customers in hammams. Delleks have many duties such as taking blood, cutting jaundice, cutting palate, grape and wart treatment. It can be said that the word "dellek" has come into the shape of dellek with the phonetic change of the word "tellak" and has been expanded by meaning. Dellek conducts various interventions and beautification activities towards the human body and is a master in the society. Those who practice "delleklik" for women are called "natır". Natır has many tasks such as scrubs, massage, make-up, eyebrow, waxing, manicure-pedicure, tattoo, ear and nose piercing, nose ring and earrings, bridal head decoration at weddings. Both words are used to meet the occupation of many professions by expanding the meaning of root meaning. These words appear in many areas of society. In this study, the usage of dellek and natır words in Azerbaijan Turkish and their meanings will be emphasized.

Dellek, Natır, Azerbaijan Turkish

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