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The Phenomenon of "Russian Diaspora" in the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
Diaspora, which generally means the place where any nation or members of faith live as a minority outside their home country and the branch of any nation separated from its homeland, has been an important instrument of influence in the foreign policies of states since the 20th century. The Russian diaspora, whose population is estimated to be between 20 and 30 million in the world, is also included in this group. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the direction of the Russian Federation towards the West, the Yeltsin administration did not initially want to raise issues related to the Russian diaspora, but made the protection of the rights of the Russian diaspora one of the priorities of the Russian diaspora. In this context, Russian diaspora, which maintained its position in RF foreign policy since the end of 1992, serves as an important tool and tool in realizing the foreign policy objectives aimed at preventing the states in post-Soviet Geography from becoming members of NATO with the EU with the dissemination of Russian language and culture in the world , the creation of a positive image of RF.

Russian diaspora, RF, foreign policy, post-Soviet geography

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