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Mohammad İqbal Construction of Muslim Society
Our study is about the construction of Muslim society by M. Iqbal, who brings a new dynamism and understanding to the 20th century Islamic political thought.He has fought for the liberation of Muslim societies by liberating them from the crisis, swamp, bondage, occupation, and to prevent collapse and exploitation throughout his life. In this context, Iqbal aimed to rebuild the fragmented and deprived Muslim society against Western imperialism and exploitation, superior to Western society, more powerful, free, developed, self-evident, creative, dynamic, spiritual and committed to Islamic principles. By returning to the Qur'an, by embracing and internalizing it, the individuals who make up this society will attain their true freedom by getting rid of all material ties that limit it. Therefore, Iqbal focuses on the individuals who make up the society rather than the society and tries to give the individual a dynamic spirit and personality. Thus, Iqbal puts the individual on the basis of all political and social developments and imposes significant responsibilities. Iqbal aims to build an independent and free society, especially Indian Muslims, by raising individuals who are free, dynamic, challenging, creative, self-conscious, active and responsible. Then, it aims to build a national Muslim society on the basis of freedom, equality, brotherhood and justice which is considered as a requirement of Islamic religion by liberating and freeing the Muslims of the world from colonial, oppression and captivity. This society radically rejects racism, Western imitation, and sectarianism.

Individual, Freedom, Religion, Society, Self.

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