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The Assessment of Turkish Language Teaching Offered to Refugees and Asylums Adults by the Public Education Center’sTeachers (Trabzon Sample)
The mass migration movement towards our country for the last 20 years brings with it a serious adjustment problem. Turkey offers a range of compliance activities to facilitate compliance with irregular ways entering our country and applying for international protection status with Afghanistan citizens with the Syrian persons under the Temporary Protection. The most important of these is Turkish language teaching. After determining the level of children and young people in formal education age, they are placed in the schools in their settlements and Turkish language education is provided for adults who are out of school age, especially in Public Education Centers. The focus of the study is the teachers who provide Turkish Language Teaching for this section. In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the Turkish language teaching offered to Syrian and Afghan adults by these teachers. In-depth interviews were conducted with 15 teachers working in Public Education Center. The data obtained from the interview were subjected to descriptive analysis. In this context, firstly, the general views of the teachers who provide this service are presented and then the experiences of the teachers in this process are questioned. In addition, the characteristics, needs and expectations of the target audience they have been trained on are revealed. The difficulties faced by teachers in this process, their expectations and solution suggestions were expressed.

Refugees, Asylums, Adult, Turkish Language Teaching

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