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Development of Formal Education in Rize
The aim of this study is to examine the development of primary and secondary formal education in Rize between 1950 and 1980. There were 150 primary schools and five secondary schools in Rize in 1950. A total of 14,119 students were studying in these schools. By 1980, the number of primary schools increased by three times, the number of secondary schools increased by thirteen times, and the number of students studying at these schools increased by five times. In the course of time, serious progress was made in the education of the province. The country average was almost caught in the first level education. However, it was far below the national average in secondary and high school education. In addition, the general average was not reached in the rates of literacy and female students. The failure to reach the desired level resulted from the lack of importance given to education by people in Rize. Migration and starting business life at an early age due to economic reasons are important factors of the abovementioned fact. Another important reason is that the public did not favor females’ studying. In this study, first hand sources, mainly TUIK data, were used.

Rize, education, secondary school, high school.

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