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The Emergence of Censorship in Russian and Its Transformation in the Age of Peter I
The relationship of man with authority has developed in different ways in the historical process of each society. While these developments were the product of a verbal memory before the invention of writing, they took on a concrete diachronic nature with the writing. Written tradition emerged with the adoption of Christianity in Russia. With the development of this tradition, the influence of authority has also focused on written sources. In this context, censorship was the weapon of religious authority at first in Russian geography. At the beginning of the 18th century, it was seen that the government of Peter I was in contrast with the religious authority. In other words, a kind of bipolar governance showed itself. Censorship, which showed its effect on religious texts in early Russian sources, became a means of secularization of the state in this period. In this study, the emergence of censorship in Russia from the historical point of view and its transformation in the period of Peter I will be examined. As a result, censorship, which first appeared with religious texts, was transformed into a worldly power with Peter I and used as a tool in Westernization and became systematic in later periods.

Censorship, Russia, Russian literature, Printery, Peter I

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