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On the Adaptation of the Divân-ı Hikmet (Kökşetav Copy)
The incompatibility of sounds is one of the most important issues regarding Çağatay Turkish and contemporary Karluk dialects. When we look at the sound harmony of the Kökşetav (Kazakhstan) copy of Divân-ı Hikmet, it is seen that there is no sound harmony between various words and suffixes. In the article, the sound harmony of the text in question is discussed. Some sound issues, word stem due to some sound changes and sound mismatches in the body have been investigated. Fifty appendages were found, which disrupted the sound harmony. Some of the appendices, that are outside of the sound harmony, are sporadic, while others appear in many examples. Several of these suffixes did not comply with the sound harmony in Old Turkish. Many supplements have undergone changes for various reasons. Therefore, in some cases, these annexes have caused to the distortion of the sound harmony.

Divan- Hikmet, Kokshetav Copy, Sound harmony

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