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Connection Between Border and Crime: A Research About The Border Gate in Sarp
The aim of this study is to contribute for understanding that how border effects society by focusing on crimes. Last studies discussed the connection between border and crime as a juridical, economic or criminological case that in the context of border transgressing. In this study a field research within social scientific qualitative approach had implemented. Sources of data are in-depth interviews with local people from border area, observations on the field and contacts with offical institutions. Field of study is border gate in Sarp where is at border of Turkey and Georgia. Connection between border and crime is theoretical focus of the study. Crime phenomen that was shaped by the border and social circumstances what was created by interaction between people and the border had mentioned in this study. Effects of the border about social relations, cultural interaction, everyday life and economical issues has suggested. As a result, basic determiner of connection between border and crime considered as economical structure that was shaped by border.

Sarp, Hopa, Border, Crime, Georgia

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