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The Kazan Oghuznāmeh: Originality, Date Of Composition, Place, Its Language
The Oghuznāma of Khazan is an Oğuznâme variant that takes its name from the place it was determined according to the Turkology tradition. Tataristan academy of sciences, G. Ibrahimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art in the archive called Manuscripts and the Tekstology Heritage is located. However, there are also a limited number of facsimile made by the Ahmet Veli Menger Foundation in 1998 in Istanbul. The text is designed to be an Afşar narrative and in fact, if Afshar highlights that are mounted on the text are removed, it is completely collage text. It even appears to be an unrecorded copy of Şecere-i Terākīme over long pages. This is a mistake for the researcher, especially in determining the linguistic geography and distinctive language features of the text. The text does not contain clear information about when, where, by whom and for whom the text was written. However, the historical events of the time of Timur Shah Durrānī’s second ruler of Durrānīs, until the time of Nimetullah Khan, son of Rahmetullah Khan, shows that the work was written in the domain of Afşars, who existed in Afghanistan, after 1789. This article not only determines the time of the text but also which linguistic geography it may belong to, original acceptable aspects, whether the recording can be considered reliable focuses on and it aims to draw attention to many points where a historical text author can mislead the modern researcher.

The Oghuznāma of Khazan, narratives of the Oghuz, Afghanistan Afshars, reliability of historical tex

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