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A Comparative Examination on the Trankiption Signs Used in Dialect Works Between 1999-2019: Vowels
The problem of transcription signs used in dialect studies has been discussed in our country for many years. In 1999, Turkish Language Institute created a transcription system to solve this problem. Many studies on dialects have been prepared since then, but this system has not been fully followed. In this study we prepared, the transcription signs (vowels) in 50 dialects study between 1999-2019 were compared with the transcription marks in the system created by the Turkish Language Institute. In the introduction part, in these studies, why the system in question is not complied with, the studies for the solution of this problem and some studies that draw attention to this problem are mentioned. Then, the transcription signs for vowels in the system created by the Turkish Language Institution and the vowels's signs in the current studies were compared by means of some graphics and charts. In addition, this section also includes other vowel signs that are not included in the system in question, but are used in current studies. Towards the end of the study, the vowels and their signs, which were identified in 50 dialect works, were given as a schema and thus these signs were collected together. Information about the number of signs detected in the conclusion section, whether these signs are in the "Turkish Language Institution Transcription System" is given. In addition, some conclusions have been made in this section about which signs researchers have/ haven't difficulty in determining, why some signs are used more / less.

Turkish Language, Dialect Science, Transcription, Vowels.

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