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A Vocabulary Study on Animals in the Context of Conceptual Blunting: The Case of Village of Sofçular Dialect
It is observed that Turks, who have a nomadic lifestyle, have been living in cooperation with nature throughout history, have a life struggle with animals that are their main source of livelihood, and share the common living space especially with the animals they domesticate. This proximity is reflected in the vocabulary; words, phrases, proverbs and figurative phrases about animals are embodied in the language. These language elements, many of which are not available in standard language today, are frequently found in the dialects of rural areas. Due to the changing life conditions, it is seen that migration from the village to the city centre intensifies and the way of life differs. The decrease in the connection with nature and living creatures in the nature, the change of the livelihood, caused that people who meet their needs in harmony with nature to move away from nature and animals due to urbanization. This divergence resulting from the changing lifestyle has also manifested itself in language and has led to a reduction in the diversity of concepts, especially animals, and thus conceptual blunting. In this study, the concepts about animals, which the local people are in close contact with, in the dialect of Sofçular Village, Araç, Kastamonu were compiled. In addition, the current situations of these concepts, which have become standard due to migrations from the village to the city centre, the changing living conditions and the culture are emphasized. The termination of the use of these words due to urbanization and compensating these words with other words is the subject of this study.

Conceptual blunting, Dialect of Kastamonu, Language and Culture, Animal Concepts of Vocabulary

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