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The Etymology and Context Meaning of the Word “oruk” in Tonyukuk Inscription
The Tonyukuk inscription is one of the first and important data sources in terms of vocabulary of the Old Turkic language. At the same time, the fact that it contains many single samples makes it reference text in this regard. One of these words, "oruk"; It is an example that should be explained in terms of etymology, word formation and meaning area. For this, a diachronic method should be followed. In order to evaluate the places where the word is used, primarily dictionary etc. The information in the studies is given. Tonyukuk the inscription 'oruk A method of word Turkish translation has been tried to be monitored. The places where he passed through the texts of the next period were determined. These uses have been evaluated considering the information and context in the dictionary studies. From the information obtained with this method, it has been seen that the word 'oruk' has developed in a way that creates two different fields of meaning. While the first creates a field of meaning related to 'planting and mowing' works that are directly related to the 'or-' verb stem, the second has developed a meaning field by using the word 'road' in both basic and metaphorical kind. These two fields of meaning are interrelated, given the context factor. Considering this relationship and context, the use of the word oruk in the Tonyukuk inscription was tried to be evaluated in this study.

Tonyukuk, oruk, etymology, field of meaning, road, to mow

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