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The Political Life of the Democrat Party Kocaeli Deputy Nüzhet Unat and the Process of the Jurisidiction in the Court of Yassıada (1954-1961)
Nüzhet Unat, one of the important actors in the political history of Kocaeli, was a deputy of Kocaeli in two terms in 1954 and 1957. Mr. Unat, who has been serving in the public sector for many years before becoming a deputy, has undertaken important duties in this area. He worked as a Provincial Director of Agriculture for a long time, especially after working in various levels in the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture under the Governorship of Kocaeli. Nüzhet Unat, who was elected as a member of parliament in 1954, took part in the Agricultural Commissions in two terms in the TGNA, where he served as a deputy until 1960, and he made some important decisions about agriculture. Nüzhet Unat was arrested as a result of the military coup on 27 May 1960 and he has been tried in Yassıada Courts for violating the Constitution and Illegal Wealth Acquisition cases. The purpose of the preparation of this study, is to outline the period when Nüzhet Unat was a member of parliament and the trial process in the Yassıada Courts. In line with this purpose, it is aimed to be revealed through the eyes of Mr. Unat the views of the deputies tried in Yassıada Courts towards these trials and the legal processes of these trials. The article titled “Political Life of Democrat Party Kocaeli Deputy Nüzhet Unat and Trial Process in Yassıada Courts (1954-1961)”, was prepared primarily by using the documents obtained from the Presidential Republic Archive and by making use of the research and investigation works related to the subject. This study is a qualitative study; In the study, the data were obtained by using document analysis technique.

Kocaeli, Deputy, Nüzhet Unat and Yassıada Courts

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